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SD Analytic is a collection data platform that helps you scrape data from web sites into databases or CSV file and will analyze the data according to your business.

Our Smart Data Analytics (SD Analytic) is the ultimate tool for traders around the world about any fields. SD Analytic help us understand the markets and help us soon discover the huge potential and useful information so that we can have the right decision in our business. SD Analytic can help you with the following:

Analysing and comparing: highest price, lowest price or average price
Supplying data for the traders: cellphone, healthcare devices,...
Collecting data as request.

More and more extra great features

SD Analytic

Quick & Easy

Get the data you need in days? not months. We will implement your project and guide you every step of the way, so you can quickly realize optimal results.

SD Analytic

Filter & Data Analytic

Data filtering is the process of choosing a smaller part of your data set and using that subset for viewing or analysis.

SD Analytic

Data Visualization

We deliver the charts and dashboards that ensure you get maximum insights and value.

SD Analytic


We provide the custom reports you need, whether you're looking for an easy way to compare sites or spot changes.

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